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FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: we the venetian people

FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: we the venetian people

venetian people


 We are the Venetian People, Veneto is what remains of Venice Repubblic that was invaded in 1867 by italian army and annexed to italy. Our capitol was Venice. Since that time we are not allowed to speak our language (only at home), children and people who speak it are the fun of media regime (Rome, its TV and papers). We are not allowed to speak, or allowed to use our language in any official situation and children are forbidden to speak it at school. The italian government through all its bourocratic machine is changing all the names of street and also many names and surnames have been italianized. All towns names have been italianized. Each town has now a military quarter (even small towns with 500 people). These military (Carabinieri) are running many civil activities and are slowly taking space to civil police. I want to point out that Carabinieri is not police, is military who are running all civil judiciary activities and subtle intimidating people in several occasions, they mainly act on behalf of italian regime. The present situation is much worse than that in Spain where there is Guardia Civil.

We daily fight for human rights of our people. The italian government does not recognize us and call despectively our language a dialect. Our language is 3000 years old and we have inscriptions with our Venetic alphabet which dates back to 1000 BC and italians historians call them : “graffiti” (scratches).

Our history is completely banned and we must study what Rome says. Worst of all we must all soon or later escape with our firms and money (only in last 10 years 30.000 firms moved away fron Veneto and went abroad). The fiscal drag reaches 80% of clean income!

Now we hope the world can do something. Rome ignore us and ridicule us in order to keep us completely  ignored.

If we do not exist how can we have rights?

How can a man without identity/passaport claim any right? He does not exist! This is the arrogant strategy of italians.

Can you help us? We want to fight for our freedom, for our culture, for our language and human rights. I do not want my two daughters to come back home crying because italian teachers make fun of them and forbid them to speak Veneto Language.


Do you know that you are visiting VENETIAN territory? We are a colony of the Italian state. Our capital city was Venice until the Italian state invaded our land. Since then we are a people withouth a nation. At school we are not allowed to speak or write our language : VENETIAN language. All mafia, lazy bureaucracy and military comes from the centre and south of the Italic peninsula to colonize us and occupy all important positions of economical, political and military controll. The italian state exported us : mafia, corruption, war, pollution, robbery, lazyness, bureaucracy…… For the last 150 years we have been the engine of Italian economy and our people suffered immigration due to the tremendous fiscal drag of the Italian government. Only in the last 10 years, 30.000 Veneto firms run away to start a new life in other countries! Without VENETIA, Italy would make the end of Argentina 2001! The Italian government is perpetuating a policy of total theft against Veneto. We produce idroelectric energy for all the Italian country, we have more tourist than any other country in the world, we export in proportion more than any other country in the world, we work hard and sacrifice, we respect laws and in turn we must be completely robbed by a mafia government that wastes our wealth and pursue a cultural etnocide of minorities in its territory. We want our freedom back, we want to be respected as a people : culturally and economically. Before you leave this land remember its name is : VENETIA and when you see a very nice product with the label “made in italy” it is very likely : MADE IN VENETIA.

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